My Brother’s Other Keeper

[sequel to My Brother’s Keepers]

Image: Cabana Boy

Littlest one got missed,
Jiji is one of the pack;
He can melt hearts too.

Jiji loves to sleep,
But he has a strange craving—
He tends to eat grass.

Mooman likes to cuddle,
Marmalade enjoys eating,
Case scares easily.

What about Babee?
She is special to the cats–
By annoying them.

Image: Cabana Boy

A Fantastic Foray

[Day 8 – Óbidos, Alcobaça, Batalha, and Fátima]

Viewing from a ledge
Walled village of Óbidos
Perfect for parkour.

A monastery,
Splendid Gothic monument
Houses royal tombs.

A UNESCO site,
Another monastery
Preserved very well.

Visions of Mary,
Catholic pilgrimage site;
Many faiths pray here.

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