Image Attributions

Those without attributions with the images are usually from Moi, although there may be occasions when no attribution is made because it is public domain. But such images are infrequently used. Some images from Pixabay may be modifed or stylized by Moi.

Who are they?
Hymn – he sings praises when taking pictures of thrilling things like food and imagining eating them later

Moi – Karina Pinella’s illustrating/modifying/photo taking alter ego (a former header is waterfall in Iceland)

The Tom – Tom Schneider of Tom’s Custom Trees: – free photos from the following:
Thomas Gray
Glauco Aio
Jess McCarthy

Shutterstock – free photos from Turbo Photo

bloggeta – free photos from the following:
rajcreationzs – free photos from the following:
Betty George Nard – former header photo
Gary Romin
Dez Pain – former header photo

Zedge –  Wallpapers:
Golden (current header)
Tropical Paradise  (a former header)

Anna – a fierce young lady ready to set the world on fire

Wikimedia – Creative Commons & Public Domain:
Clarence H. White’s Drops of Rain (1903)


Pixabay – free from the following:
Gerd Altmann
Gianni Crestani

Katie Phillips
Zach T B
Various – basis of some images, mostly partial,  for the
A Christmas Tale Countdown series; and also for the rest that are from Pixabay

Liana  (gown in Halloween Queen)

Nosmo King – a famously anonymous professional camera man

Maya – a loving and doting new mother with a flexible career

Joyful Graphics – a foodie who writes poetry, likes to travel and photograph

Disney FanMan – a rising super engineer with an eye on the sky

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