Football Food

Superbowl is here,
Good excuse to overeat,
Hard not to indulge.

Some menu delights:
Buffalo wings, on’yun rings,
All kinds of chip dips.

The choices go on:
Local or imported beers.
Antacids later.


King for a Day

Image: Pixabay

Make a difference.
Aim for the sky.
Respect others.
Think big.
Inform yourself always;
No one else can be you.

Love as you want to be loved,
Unify when you can,
Tomorrow may be your last day.
Heaven is what you make of it.
Evangelize only words of hope,
Remove barriers where they oppress.


Be King for a day and show peace in action.

A New Year

Looking forward
To engineering
Brand new beginnings
With diff’rent meaning.

This new year will be great!

My resolutions
Will be mini-revolutions;
No more procrastinations
I’ll be spinning ev’ry morning.

This new year will be great!

Instead of lunch, I’ll be running;
Dinner time is reserved for walking;
By year end, I’ll be done trimming.

This new year will be great!

This new year will be great!

2 – 0 – 1 – 8

This new year will be great!


A Fantastic Foray

[Day 8 – Óbidos, Alcobaça, Batalha, and Fátima]

Viewing from a ledge
Walled village of Óbidos
Perfect for parkour.

A monastery,
Splendid Gothic monument
Houses royal tombs.

A UNESCO site,
Another monastery
Preserved very well.

Visions of Mary,
Catholic pilgrimage site;
Many faiths pray here.

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