Portugal: A Perfect 10 (Days)

I traveled through the northern part of Portugal over a month ago, landing in Lisbon first but immediately headed north to Coimbra first and then on to Porto and nearby towns. Truly a country full of beauty and history.

Day 1 – Coimbra
Formerly Portugal’s capital, a medieval city known best for its historic University of Coimbra, the oldest such scholarly institution in all of Europe. The main university building was once the royal palace.

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Day 6
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Day 8
Day 9

Day 10

24 thoughts on “Portugal: A Perfect 10 (Days)

    • Thanks! Yes, it is interesting how it’s getting a lot of publicity, but it seems like the “safest” place to go to with all the violence going on around the world. However, that wasn’t the reason I decided to go there. It’s just because it’s there and I felt like going there.


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  10. Wow these locations look absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing. Love the fact that the main University building was once a royal palace. That’s amazing. Must be even more stunning inside. 😮 Do you visit museums whenever you go on these trips (if time permits it of course)?

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