French-Toasted Bagel Sprinkled with Cheese


This is an easy recipe that anyone can make. Surprise a loved one with this dish, which may be served for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Eat it with oranges and sausage for breakfast, or pair it with soup or salad for lunch or dinner. Or, enjoy it by itself as a snack. The recipe described below is for 1 bagel sliced in half. Simply increase the number of eggs per bagel, depending how well saturated you want the bagel to be. You might find 1 egg to be sufficient for 2 sliced bagels by increasing the amount of milk you mix with the egg. It’s how “eggy” you want your bagel to be.
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Swiss Chard Pancake topped with Swiss Cheese

Swiss chard pancakeThis recipe is a pancake and omelet hybrid. I just made it up because I was hungry but didn’t want to go to the grocery store. I looked in the refrigerator and guess what I saw? A bag of Swiss chard, Swiss cheese, milk, and eggs. So, I thought why not create something lovely yet easy and healthy and downright quick?

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To Your Health: A Faux “Piña Colada”

For a refreshing, light, and delicious thirst quencher, here’s a healthy mix I came up on my own. Mix ¼ cup of 100% apple juice with ¾ cup of Trader Joe’s Coconut Milk Unsweetened Beverage. Put in as little of apple juice and as much coconut milk as you wish, depending which flavor you want to win out. I happened to have both beverages in my refrigerator and I was thirsty, but I also wanted something a little sweet. Because apple juice, and other juices for that matter, tend to be very sweet, I thought I’d cut the sweetness by putting in unsweetened coconut milk to give it body and additional vitamins.

Give it a try. It tastes a little like Piña Colada. No alcohol required.


Ground Beef with Potatoes and Hard-boiled Eggs (as filling for mini-meat pies)

This dish can be made ahead because pre-cooking potatoes and eggs is required. For a meal during the week, you can prep by browning the (1 lb.) ground beef, boiling the potatoes, and eggs and putting them in separate containers for assembly when you are ready to serve later. Continue reading

Fruit Pizza on Cassava Bread

As an alternative to a wheat base, try cassava bread. I found it in the Produce section of a grocery store (Market Basket). The bread has only one ingredient—cassava pulp, or yuca. A product of Dominican Republic, the brand name is Caridom. It’s flat and triangle shaped, like a big pizza slice, so it’s perfect for this recipe, which is great for snacking. The recipe also makes for a nice breakfast, lunch, or dinner now that summer is here and if you are so inclined to have a smorgasbord of fruits in one sitting.

Fruit Pizza

Image contributed by Hymn

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