Swiss Chard Pancake topped with Swiss Cheese

Swiss chard pancakeThis recipe is a pancake and omelet hybrid. I just made it up because I was hungry but didn’t want to go to the grocery store. I looked in the refrigerator and guess what I saw? A bag of Swiss chard, Swiss cheese, milk, and eggs. So, I thought why not create something lovely yet easy and healthy and downright quick?

In a mixing bowl, pour in a little over a cup of milk, two eggs, and ½ cup of flour (I used whole wheat white flour). Mix well with a fork (you don’t need an electric mixer). Liberally sprinkle in garlic powder and onion powder; add 1 – 1 ½ tbsp. of olive oil. Mix well with your trusty fork. Set aside and take out a block of Swiss cheese and grate a few cupfuls and set aside. Take a few leaves of Swiss chard (perhaps five or six leaves), and cut them up so they can fit in the skillet without sticking out.

Place a skillet (I used my 6” cast iron skillet) on your stove, over medium heat, or a little less than medium. Pour in about a tablespoon of olive oil. When the oil appears to be warmed up, put in a handful of Swiss chard and sauté for a minute, then pour some of the batter over the Swiss chard. When the batter bubbles on top just like a pancake, flip the “pancake.” It’s okay if you don’t flip the whole thing in one piece. As you can see the picture, it looks broken up. Just flip it a few times to make sure there’s no runniness. When done, place the cooked pancake on a plate and sprinkle, while it’s still warm, with the grated Swiss cheese.

Go back and continue making the rest the same way; be sure to add a few drops of olive oil before you make another pancake. Also, remember to sprinkle it with the grated cheese each time you put a pancake on the plate.


©2015 Karina Pinella

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