To Your Health: A Faux “Piña Colada”

For a refreshing, light, and delicious thirst quencher, here’s a healthy mix I came up on my own. Mix ¼ cup of 100% apple juice with ¾ cup of Trader Joe’s Coconut Milk Unsweetened Beverage. Put in as little of apple juice and as much coconut milk as you wish, depending which flavor you want to win out. I happened to have both beverages in my refrigerator and I was thirsty, but I also wanted something a little sweet. Because apple juice, and other juices for that matter, tend to be very sweet, I thought I’d cut the sweetness by putting in unsweetened coconut milk to give it body and additional vitamins.

Give it a try. It tastes a little like Piña Colada. No alcohol required.


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