Cinderella (a movie review)

This take on the fairy tale classic is directed by Kenneth Branagh, with Cate Blanchett as the evil stepmother. Although there have been so many versions of Cinderella out there, this additional Disney-produced film is still wonderful. I like fairy tales in general. I’ve read practically all of them, including those retold in various ways from different countries. They do say something about our human nature, the universal need to romanticize a good story, and — at least for a little while — escape from reality.

To return to the movie, this version stars little-known actors playing Cinderella and the charming Prince so we are not distracted by their star power. Instead, we are regaled by the fine photography and beautiful sets and costumes. I especially enjoyed the pumpkin-converted coach. The retold story comes across refreshing because the beginning shows Cinderella’s idyllic childhood. This adds up to a nice original back story that finally explains her fundamentally loving and forgiving nature in spite of the mistreatment she receives from her cruel stepmother and unsympathetic stepsisters.

2 thoughts on “Cinderella (a movie review)

  1. It was a pretty good live-action movie for Cinderella. Cinematography, especially the colors, was probably its forte. I wonder when they’d do a Grimm’s version of these movies. These fairy tales need their respective dark twists ! 😀

    – Lashaan

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    • You might check out the series Grimm; I watched the first two seasons. Season 1 had a take on Cinderella. I think the series is on its fourth season now. I’m not sure what its schedule is anymore. I used to watch it, but I just got too busy. Then there’s also Matt Damon’s movie, The Brothers Grimm, which has bits of the Grimm brothers’ stories that does include Cinderella, but it’s just a very small piece in the movie. Cinderella is really a grim tale so this Disney version is light fare.

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