The Steel Kiss by Jeffery Deaver (a book blurt)

This is the 12th in a book series about a world-renowned forensic detective, Lincoln Rhyme, who is quadriplegic, and a kick-ass New York detective, Amelia Sachs. Together they make a powerful combination of increasing the odds in solving complex cases. They’re the kind of characters you miss after you finish the book. The crimes they solve are full of puzzles that make you think along with this duo. Another fun thing about this author is he writes about current or past events or just things that he finds interesting. For example, in this story he delves into computer automation, which plays a part in the criminal’s killing method.

With this review and maybe all I do going forward, I’m keeping things short. I call these “blurts” because I want you to know about the book or movie without spoiling it for you. So that’s all for now, folks.

Listed below are prior Deaver books on his Lincoln Rhyme series in the order they were published; here you can see how the romance between Rhyme and Sachs came to blossom. Yes, this too is a big draw of thriller series. You’d be surprised how many such series include romance. However, this genre contains action, mystery, and heinous crimes, too. I will continue updating the list below, as I finish reading his new publications.

The Bone Collector
The Coffin Dancer
The Empty Chair
The Stone Monkey
The Vanished Man
The Cold Moon
The Broken Window
The Burning Wire
The Kill Room
The Skin Collector
The Burial Hour (2017)
The Cutting Edge (2018)

Silent Creed by Alex Kava (a book review)

This is the second installment of a new book series that features Ryder Creed, a former dog handler for the K9 Unit in the Marines. He was traumatized from the war in Afghanistan, almost taking his life, but is saved by Hannah Washington, a single mother with two sons. She helps him see his natural talent in handling dogs. Together they open a search-dog business called “K9 CrimeScents.” Hannah handles the business part, while Creed does the fieldwork. Their dogs are mostly those that have been cast aside and that Creed has trained. They offer their services to the public, the police, and the local and federal government. Continue reading

Code of Conduct by Brad Thor (a book review)

This is the 15th book in a thriller series about a super-agent of an NGO (nongovernmental organization) that frequently takes on covert assignments for the U.S. government. The organization is headed by Reed Carlton, a former CIA operative, who has recruited our hero, Scot Harvath. A human version of Superman, Harvath is fortysomething, extremely fit, highly intelligent, greatly resourceful, and truly patriotic. He is a former SEAL, who had served as a Secret Agent at one time, to a former U.S. President. He was so indebted to Harvath for saving his daughter that he gifted Harvath a lifetime residence at a historical site in Washington, D.C. You should read the prior 14 books first because it’s more enjoyable to know the sequence of events. Also, the story lines become more incredible. This last one is quite epic. Suffice to say it has the same theme as the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service. If you haven’t seen that movie, then I will say this is about controlling of the masses. I originally wrote something else, but I think it would be a spoiler. Continue reading

The Fixer by Joseph Finder (a book review)

This is a thriller set in Boston with references to the Big Dig, a fiasco of a highway/tunnel project that ran way behind schedule (try over 8 to 10 years, depending which viewpoint you take) and racked up the cost to over $20 billion (still not fully paid to date). Although that in itself is criminal, there are many other criminals in the story. Much of the story is about Rick Hoffman, a thirtysomething journalist who finds himself out of a high-paying job and homeless. He goes back to his family home, which has become a big fixer-upper because his father has been in a convalescence facility for 18 years due to a stroke that left him unable to speak or care for himself. His mother has long been deceased and his only sibling, a sister, lives in Seattle. Continue reading

The President’s Shadow by Brad Meltzer (a book review)

This book is the third of a series about a young Archivist named Beecher White, who gets involved in the many intrigues going on in the White House. The underlying mystery about how his father had died is revealed in this book, and tied to the mystery of two dismembered arms, each planted in a strategic place that implies it’s an attempt to assassinate the President of the United States. You also get to know more about the other characters introduced in the first two books. If I give even a hint of what happens, I will end up spoiling a good read. Continue reading

Cash Landing by James Grippando (a book review)

According to the author, James Grippando, his story is inspired by actual events that happened in Miami—a heist carried out by amateurs. The heist starts out boldly and goes well. The aftermath is when things start to unravel. The amateur crew comprises Ruban Betancourt, a man disillusioned with the law; his brother-in-law, Jeffrey, an overweight, drug addict leaching off his mother; and his uncle, Pinky, an ex-convict who was nicknamed as such because of how far down his manhood reaches to his pinky. They hire two other people, both former convicts. One of them is the driver whose role is to ditch their getaway vehicles. The other one is the insider who smooths the entry for the big steal. Continue reading

Memory Man by David Baldacci (a book review)

This book has the makings of a new book series. The hero is Amos Decker, a middle-aged, 6’5”, 350-lb., former police detective whose mind is like a DVR. A football accident that happened during his first college football game as a freshman resulted in giving him more than a concussion. His brain somehow got knocked in the right places to give him the ability to recall all his memories at will. His size is metaphorical of the heaviness of life events that will follow later. One of such events is the inexplicable murders of his wife, daughter, and brother-in-law. The murders go unsolved and his life spirals down until many years later he is roused from his lackluster existence. Continue reading