Code of Conduct by Brad Thor (a book review)

This is the 15th book in a thriller series about a super-agent of an NGO (nongovernmental organization) that frequently takes on covert assignments for the U.S. government. The organization is headed by Reed Carlton, a former CIA operative, who has recruited our hero, Scot Harvath. A human version of Superman, Harvath is fortysomething, extremely fit, highly intelligent, greatly resourceful, and truly patriotic. He is a former SEAL, who had served as a Secret Agent at one time, to a former U.S. President. He was so indebted to Harvath for saving his daughter that he gifted Harvath a lifetime residence at a historical site in Washington, D.C. You should read the prior 14 books first because it’s more enjoyable to know the sequence of events. Also, the story lines become more incredible. This last one is quite epic. Suffice to say it has the same theme as the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service. If you haven’t seen that movie, then I will say this is about controlling of the masses. I originally wrote something else, but I think it would be a spoiler.

Everything in Brad Thor’s books seems bigger than life, especially our hero, Scot Harvath. You feel real hate toward the antagonists and the action is such that you sometimes prefer reading and finishing the book instead of doing anything else. His action scenes are comparable to watching a movie. The one other writer who does this well, and perhaps better than anyone else, is the over-the-top, action-packed Australian author, Matthew Reilly. But this review is about Brad Thor, so let’s finish with him.

Thor’s books are a must-read for thrill seekers who also like to read about the insidiousness of some U.S. government conspiracies, including international covert operations. In the order they were published, I’ve listed below the books I’ve read. They are all part of the Scot Harvath series, although in The Athena Project, his presence is not as frequent, because it appears the writer might be starting another series. I will also continue updating the list below, as I finish reading his new publications.

The Lions of Lucerne
Path of the Assassin
State of the Union
The First Commandment
The Last Patriot
The Apostle
Foreign Influence
The Athena Project
Full Black
Black List
Hidden Order
Act of War
Code of Conduct
Foreign Agent
Use of Force
Spymaster (2018)
Back Lash (2019)

4 thoughts on “Code of Conduct by Brad Thor (a book review)

  1. Wow, I smell a die-hard Brad Thor fan! This is insanely impressive. Do you plan on purchasing on release his next book, Use of Force, coming out pretty soon? 😀 Thanks for the review too, I like the comparison to Kingsman. I totally didn’t expect that!

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  2. Oh man. The very first Brad Thor book I read was the Last Patriot ( and it was just after it had came out) and I read it while waiting in the ER with my mother. Then I discovered that it was part of a series… so I went back and got all the books up until the Last Patriot. I read up until Takedown and then I looked up and realized that there are more books! Lol
    Thank you for that list. I wil be needing while I make out my Christmas wish list! Lol


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