An Ode to the American Ninja Warrior Winner – Isaac Caldiero



Four stages, wrought to have you wring, wrangle, and wrestle
With ropes, chains, rings, 2-inch ledges, and cliff hangers.
The roar of the crowd cheers you on as you grab a vessel,
Trying to balance so you don’t fall into the dreaded cold pool water.
The audience shouts your name, encouraging, cheering for you.
Sweat coats your skin as you focus from one obstacle to another.
The smell of fear is in the air as you near stage four.
O, how you must taste the closeness to victory.
You’re pure action, always in motion, gets you to do one step more.
At Mt. Midoriyama’s summit, you climbed to claim your glory.

You of sinew, muscle, and tissue, bound tight and taut,
Full of ambition, stamina, and energy.
How you trained so much, repeating stage after stage
Giving all what you’ve got.
Your rock climbing hobby completes the synergy.
The tactics of adapting gives you the edge.
Your sure-footedness, coordination, and determination
All come into play to take the scepter
And hold the elusive title as the first
American Ninja Warrior winner.

After seven seasons of taunting those who dare,
The popular show finally crowns a Ninja most nimble,
Making one busboy into a millionaire.
Though he remains humble,
Saying he gets by on $10,000 a year.
He loves climbing the likes of the Red Rock Mountains,
Enjoying nature and all it contains.
He’s doesn’t do it to be a celebrity,
Or simply for money.
He does it for himself to be a hero as Isaac Caldiero.

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