The President’s Shadow by Brad Meltzer (a book review)

This book is the third of a series about a young Archivist named Beecher White, who gets involved in the many intrigues going on in the White House. The underlying mystery about how his father had died is revealed in this book, and tied to the mystery of two dismembered arms, each planted in a strategic place that implies it’s an attempt to assassinate the President of the United States. You also get to know more about the other characters introduced in the first two books. If I give even a hint of what happens, I will end up spoiling a good read.

Although there is intrigue and mystery and grave moments in the Beecher White series, there is also enough wit and humor to bring levity. Brad Meltzer’s skillful writing makes all his books page turners (I know how to pick them page turners).

With the exception of his anthologies, I’ve read all of Meltzer’s fiction books, which are listed below in the order they were published. I’ve placed an asterisk next to the Beecher White books. I shall continue updating the list below as I finish reading Meltzer’s new publications.

The Tenth Justice
Dead Even
The First Counsel
The Millionaires
The Zero Game
The Book of Fate
The Book of Lies
The Inner Circle*
The Fifth Assassin*
The President’s Shadow”
The House of Secrets*
The Escape Artist

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