Silent Creed by Alex Kava (a book review)

This is the second installment of a new book series that features Ryder Creed, a former dog handler for the K9 Unit in the Marines. He was traumatized from the war in Afghanistan, almost taking his life, but is saved by Hannah Washington, a single mother with two sons. She helps him see his natural talent in handling dogs. Together they open a search-dog business called “K9 CrimeScents.” Hannah handles the business part, while Creed does the fieldwork. Their dogs are mostly those that have been cast aside and that Creed has trained. They offer their services to the public, the police, and the local and federal government.

With Creed’s and his dogs’ skills in sniffing out crime and piecing clues together, along with the help of an FBI Agent named Maggie O’Dell — who has her own book series — they make a good crime-solving team. In Silent Creed, our hero finds himself and one of his dogs, Bolo, working on an assignment to search for bodies that were buried from a landslide in Haywood County, NC. As the bodies are found, many show suspicious signs of experimentation having been performed on them. A couple of the corpses also bear evidence they were killed before being buried in mud. The action is on and the suspense builds, but it is not resolved. Not here anyway. That’s because this is one of those books that is continued when the next installment comes out.

If you haven’t already, read Breaking Creed first to learn more about how Creed partnered with Hannah and how he first met Maggie, who appears to be a potential ongoing romantic interest. Creed and Maggie’s attraction for one another intensifies in this book. What complicates it, though, is Maggie’s own romantic entanglement with another fellow government agent. Her story begins 11 books back. While I have yet to read her book series, I did read one stand-alone novel by Alex Kava, titled Whitewash. Her one other stand-alone novel is One False Move, which I have yet to read.

To remind myself, I’ve listed below in the order they were published the books featuring Maggie O’Dell. Maggie is an FBI Agent with excellent instincts when it comes to criminal activities, but whose weakness is her fear in getting in a relationship.

A Perfect Evil
Split Second
The Soul Catcher
At the Stroke of Madness
A Necessary Evil
Black Friday

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