Cara considers herself a cool chick with chic taste of the highest pecking order. Chanel No. 5, her signature scent, leaves a come-hither fragrant trail. To amp up her avant-garde style and complement her charm, she decides to try a new procedure. One that cements her credence of being the ultimate trendsetter not only in clothes, but also in cosmetics. A believer in all things natural (even though she never goes au naturel), she has herself implanted into her favorite flowering plant – the rose. Rain or shine, she always has a rosy demeanor.

Image by Anna

Arrowbics (a 50-word story)


Undeterred from lacking funds, the four friends create their version of a CrossFit program, which they claim requires more sweat and guts. The challenge involves archery and lots of movement.

Used to being the point man, Derek harnesses onto his back the archery target with his friends in hot pursuit.

Homespun Sayings with Homophones and Homonyms

Burn his steak, and you will quickly learn what’s at stake.

Give a damn and dam your reservations.

Read well to prevent being hollow like a reed.

If you slight their advice, then tread lightly when you advise.

To be greater than most, beware of being the grater of nerves to many.

Cast your eyes on someone’s significant other, and you might find yourself wearing a cast.

Brides, groom your groom not only to teach him how to match his socks, but also to ensure you’ve made a good match.

Tender your resignation with a tender heart so they will hire you back in a second if you seek a second chance.

To increase your gross rent, first fix the gross appearance of your rental apartment.

Reign supremely in your choice of industry by giving free rein to your ability.

Snow Plea

©2016 Karina Pinella

O Blizzard Wizard, direct your gusts upon Siberia.
Get thee to the Rocky Mountains, to the peaks of Mt. Everest.
Go where the altitude is high and the population low.

Our backs are weary from shoveling
And our knuckles white from keeping the car from skating.
Donuts are for eating,
Crazy eights for card playing,

Enough with these demonstrations of near demolitions.
No-fault insurance claims don’t  stop the finger-pointing
Nor do they keep premiums from rising.

Cease the snow,
Hold your breath,
Just go!