Snow Plea

©2016 Karina Pinella

O Blizzard Wizard, direct your gusts upon Siberia.
Get thee to the Rocky Mountains, to the peaks of Mt. Everest.
Go where the altitude is high and the population low.

Our backs are weary from shoveling
And our knuckles white from keeping the car from skating.
Donuts are for eating,
Crazy eights for card playing,

Enough with these demonstrations of near demolitions.
No-fault insurance claims don’t  stop the finger-pointing
Nor do they keep premiums from rising.

Cease the snow,
Hold your breath,
Just go!

12 thoughts on “Snow Plea

  1. Nice poem! Winter has been quite mild in parts of New England this winter (especially CT) but I expect our luck to run out very soon. There was a snowstorm yesterday, but it didn’t amount to anything substantial.

    Oh! I saw Bone Tomahawk last night and I think I know what scene you’re talking about — the practical effects were blended well together! That particular scene brought a whole new meaning to the word bone tomahawk…if you know what I mean! Haha.

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    • Yes! What did you think? Did you watch with both eyes wide open? I had to look through squinted eyes. I just couldn’t bear seeing the poor deputy ahem and ahem! Another good movie to check out that might be along some lines is The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover, written and directed by Peter Greenaway. When I saw that movie, I thought that was something and it still may be actually.

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      • I managed to watch the scene without squinting! The graphic nature was certainly unexpected, especially the practical effects — considering the how prevalent digital effects are these days.

        I’ll keep those other movies in mind! Thanks for the recommendations. Did you ever see Dead Alive? I think it was directed by Peter Jackson — I highly recommend watching that movie (if you don’t mind being grossed out)

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