Winterthur Wonder in Switzerland

Home base: Zurich

Image: Google Maps

About a half hour away via train from Zurich, Winterthur is known for its numerous world-class museums and large pedestrian-zoned Old Town. As we went through Old Town, we went inside some churches and visited selected museums. Another wondrous day of art appreciation, as we drank in impressive and rare collections of paintings, sculpted works, and photos from the likes of The Kunst Museum Winterthur; the Oskar Reinhart Collection, displayed in his residence ‘Am Römerholz’; and Fotomusem Winterthur.

Oskar Reinhart (1885-1965) came from a long line of traders from Winterthur. His father, Theodor Reinhart, had built the family business, which was one of the first trading houses in Switzerland, or in Europe, for that matter. Both father and son had an interest in art, with Oskar eventually becoming a full-time art collector after leaving the family business at the age of 39.

After spending a good part of the day at Winterthur, we headed back to Zurich to enjoy a cruise on the Limmat River followed by a hearty meal of schnitzel and rosti at a beer hall.

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