Criminal (a movie blurt)

Although flawed in different areas, the movie is still entertaining with action and an interesting concept—to transfer a dying man’s memory to a live person. Plus, the movie has an all-star cast: Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Costner , Gary Oldman, Tommy Lee Jones, Michael Pitt, Alice Eve, and Gal Gadot. To keep the action going, the story consists of a number of spy vs. spy vs. international gangster scenes, with always the possibility of mutually assured destruction (MAD). High level, the movie is about a poignant love story mixed in with the U.S. government held hostage by a hacker who has found the means to trigger powerful weapons.

11 thoughts on “Criminal (a movie blurt)

  1. I agree with your review! The movie was entertaining but a bit weak in some parts. The ending could’ve been more impactful and less predictable. I really liked the premise.

    You’re so good at not including spoilers in your reviews. I couldn’t do that. Great job!

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    • Thanks. I don’t like it when there are spoilers because I get disappointed so I try to make my comments broad and specific if it’ s meaningful, or not. However, beware of reading other people’s comments because spoilers might appear there. I commented in other people’s sites and I might have included some spoilers only because of the exchange between the writer and me.

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