Criminal (a movie blurt)

Although flawed in different areas, the movie is still entertaining with action and an interesting concept—to transfer a dying man’s memory to a live person. Plus, the movie has an all-star cast: Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Costner , Gary Oldman, Tommy Lee Jones, Michael Pitt, Alice Eve, and Gal Gadot. To keep the action going, the story consists of a number of spy vs. spy vs. international gangster scenes, with always the possibility of mutually assured destruction (MAD). High level, the movie is about a poignant love story mixed in with the U.S. government held hostage by a hacker who has found the means to trigger powerful weapons.

Criminal Activities (a movie blurt)

This film has a story line that is not what it seems. A real twister about four former high school classmates reunited by attending the funeral of one of their old chums. After the funeral services, the four get together for coffee and somehow bring up a get-rich scheme that can only work if they are willing to capitalize on it together. One of the friends, played by Dan Stevens, offers to front the money, while another, played by Michael Pitt — who so happens to be in financial services — gives it the green light. The deal turns sour and they have to pay up to John Travolta’s mob character, Eddie, who gives the four friends an out if they do something for him. As the story gets better, the situation gets worse for the four.