The First Folly

bad apple

Image: Pixabay

Trouble in Eden
Adam and Eve fell from grace
Succumbed to evil

 An apple a day
Not a good way to begin
According to God

 Adam and Eve’s lapse
Start of original sin
So the story goes.

7 thoughts on “The First Folly

  1. If it was an apple that Adam and Eve had eaten, then why Genesis says “you’ll eat bread”? Why forbid apple? Don’t you know an apple a day keeps doctor away? When people are going to learn?

    It was cooked food that Adam and Eve had eaten and it was not forbidden. What was forbidden was FOR ADAM to eat anything from the hands of the devils because he was careless and could have burned his hands in the kitchen or eaten an aphrodisiac, which women hate but God never forbade Eve from eating from that tree.

    It was Adam who confused and thought it was poison and told Eve it was forbidden for her also.

    He did that because he confused and because he loved Eve more than he loved himself.

    That’s why Genesis 3:15 says God has put enmity between Satan and Eve. Hence, no woman is evil. But all men are evil from early teens according to Bible.

    Good and Evil together help us understand what’s good (useful) and what’s evil (harmful) as God also knows.

    That story is a romantic story with a little humor, a little thrill, a little comedy and a little tragedy. But lots of wisdom.


  2. Great! I’ve toyed with the Biblical creation narrative for years! Never managed to do anything with it though. I remember one class in humanities I taught YEARS ago. I told the students that the writer of the Adam and Eve story had to solve a basic problem…the problem of which came first: the chicken or the egg?

    My students stared at me…totally clueless. “Well,” I kept going. “Biologically speaking, Eve should have been created first, so that God, as he did with Mary, some time later, get her pregnant and she could give birth to Adam! Then Woman, the female life giver, would be first created, and Adam, second, rather than just an afterthought.

    Being the first created SHE would have received the great education first hand from God, regarding what’s what in the ol Garden, and she would have known exactly about the TREES. Therefore, being the “moral compass” as our Victorian patriarchy envisioned woman, she would have easily shooed the pesky serpent away and kept Adam from gulping down the fruit. And the world would probably be in much better shape.” Amen.

    My students were Southern raised Baptists and were not impressed with my logic.

    Forgetting myself I plowed on. “BUT, I said, “the problem for the writer was that if Eve gave birth to Adam then she would in fact be committing incest when bedding down with the first Daddy…very problematic. So the writer solved THAT problem with turning everything around and it’s all been screwed up ever since…pun intended. 🙂

    Another creation issue I mentioned to students was the problem Medieval artists faced: Did Adam and Eve have navels?
    Again my students were not impressed. sigh.

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