Tuesday Ten

the number 10

Ten is a bad omen today–the 10th Tuesday of May, when Talia took $10,000 from Ten-Cent Bank at exactly 10:00 AM, so she could throw a 10-year anniversary bash for herself. Instead, Talia got caught and spent 10 hours being detained at the local authorities’ HQ. Her fate is sealed. She is committed to doing 10 months of community service and paying a $10,000 fine plus 10% penalty fees, which she needs to pay within the next 10 months. She has to borrow money to pay for her fine, so she asks her brother, who then goes to Ten-Cent Bank to take out a $10,000 loan. Now he is charging Talia 10% interest. Talia decides to go to the local liquor store to get all the booze she can get—likely not much—for her last $10.

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