35 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary 4/28/16

  1. Woo! We have the SAME anniversary date! Crazy, right? Mine is a year ahead of yours even though I’ve actually only been blogging for like 8 months, but I signed up two years ago. If we lived near each other I think a party and cake would be in order! Happy anniversary 🙂

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    • That’s funny! Congratulations to you. Who knew I would even blog at all. I was the biggest resistor. I still don’t have a Facebook acct. I started a Twitter acct last year with a decent following to start but I didn’t know how to tweet, so I rarely did anything. I just tied my wordpress to it to announce my posts so my following dwindled to close to nothing. But that’s OK.

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        • Thanks, I can’t even remember what exactly is my name. I want to say kalecarrots. I haven’t even visited my acct for months because a. I don’t remember how to go back in and b. I don’t have enough or won’t put in the time to figure it out! I still have a hard time figuring out those hashtags so that’s why I haven’t gone in and tweeted much. I barely even manage to work on my blog. It’s like I’m kind of flying by the seat of my pants some nights. But since I’ve completed a full year, I will not feel like I have to produce something every day. Thanks though for the kind thought. I will check for my tweeter name and see what it might be. I think it is kalecarrots or something like that. Pls don’t be offended if I don’t tweet because I can’t remember how to get in my stupid acct.

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