Off-Stage Fright


Image: Pixabay

Stacey is in love with Dan and is nervous about their first date. When she finds out they are going to the Comedy Club, she is doubly nervous. She’s heard about how some comedians can be merciless in picking on their audience. Still, she hopes they have a good time tonight.

“Hey, when you told me you enjoyed funny movies, I thought I’d take you to this club. I’ve heard it stars a lot of good up and coming comedians.” Dan tells her, as they are seated in the front row, practically touching the stage.

“Oh, no,” Stacey thinks, alarm bells ringing in her mind.

“I got us good seats because I know the manager who works here. You like it?”

Stacey tries to smile wider and barely assures him when the emcee comes up onstage and greets the audience.

Dan turns his attention to the stage and Stacey continues to fret inside.

After sitting through two comedians, both of whom have picked on the guests sitting near the stage, Stacey can barely keep from fidgeting; her dread escalates after every joke. She feels herself almost ready to hyperventilate when the next and thankfully last act comes on stage.

As the comedian starts his monologue, she realizes how funny he actually is, but this doesn’t stop the tension that continues to build insider her. Then, the moment she’s been fearing all evening happens; the comedian homes in on her and Dan. Her heart thuds.

“Yo, you’re the spitting image of my bobble head  . . . “ As the comedian starts his riff on Dan, Stacey’s ears  fill with the rush of blood flushing her face, making her deaf to the words. The tension that’s been building all evening finally bursts into a show of hysterical laughter.  Beads of perspiration trickle from her hairline down to the side of her lashes.  There too goes the mascara.

Inspired by BRH’s day 19 of napowrimo

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