Crimson Shore by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child (a book review)

This is the 15th of a book series featuring Agent Aloysius X. L. Pendergast, a highly intelligent and intriguing FBI agent, who usually works on cases that interests him. He comes from New Orleans, where his ancestral family is reputedly wealthy from pharmaceuticals. His character is one of the most unique ones I’ve come across compared to all the characters I’ve read in a thriller/mystery/action book series. Since I don’t want to make this narrative overly dense, I will simply say that Pendergast is the true Renaissance man with super evolved senses.

In Crimson Shore, we find Pendergast looking into a deceptively simple crime of stolen valuable wine collection that may be connected to a sinister event that happened decades ago. Set in a small town on the Massachusetts cape, the story includes how insidious our human nature can become to attain power. Murder, witchcraft, and tragic figures provide the makings of this engrossing thriller.

As always, I’m listing below the other books (in chronological order) that have come before this. They are all good reads because Pendergast makes for a truly charismatic character. Similar to other series I’ve read and reviewed here, Pendergast’s character goes through life-altering experiences, which include his personal and romantic life. I shall continue to update the list below, as I finish reading their new books.

Pendergast series:
The Cabinet of Curiosities
Still Life with Crows
Dance of Death
The Book of the Dead
The Wheel of Darkness
Cemetery Dance
Fever Dream
Cold Vengeance
Two Graves
White Fire
Blue Labyrinth
Crimson Shore
The Obsidian Chamber – 2017
City of Endless Night – 2018
Verses for the Dead – 2019
Crooked River – 2020
Bloodless – 2021

Gideon Crew series:
Gideon’s Sword
Gideon’s Corpse
The Lost Island
Beyond the Ice Limit
The Pharaoh Key – 2018

Nora Kelly series:
Old Bones
The Scorpion’s Tail
Diablo Mesa

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