Crimson Shore by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child (a book review)

This is the 15th of a book series featuring Agent Aloysius X. L. Pendergast, a highly intelligent and intriguing FBI agent, who usually works on cases that interests him. He comes from New Orleans, where his ancestral family is reputedly wealthy from pharmaceuticals. His character is one of the most unique ones I’ve come across compared to all the characters I’ve read in a thriller/mystery/action book series. Since I don’t want to make this narrative overly dense, I will simply say that Pendergast is the true Renaissance man with super evolved senses.
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The Forgotten Room by Lincoln Child (a book review)

A suspense story about a mysterious room within a haunted mansion that now houses an exclusive think tank. A gruesome suicide occurs in the mansion so Professor Jeremy Logan is asked to investigate because he is an expert in cases that are strange or supernatural in nature. The story takes place along the coastline of Newport, Rhode Island.

The writer, Lincoln Child, always comes up with a somewhat unusual or unique protagonist in his suspense stories. The Forgotten Room is his sixth book. I’ve read all the fiction stories he’s written, and they are listed below in the order they were published.

Death Match
Deep Storm
Terminal Freeze
The Third Gate
Full Wolf Moon

Lincoln Child also co-writes with another author, Douglas Preston, another writer I follow. I’ve read all the books they’ve written together, but I will list those when the next book they write together comes out. I’ve also listed below the books Douglas Preston has written, and I will continue to update it as I finish reading his new books.

Panic in Level 4
The Demon in the Freezer: a True Story
The Kraken Project