The Virgins

The crowd of bearded men brushed off the dirt from their clothes as they walked through a cloud a smoke.


“Dameer? Hey, is that Farshad?”

They were all shouting out each other’s names as they recognized one another. They hugged, excited about seeing their colleagues.

“So this is paradise, my friends. How beautiful and green it is here.” One of them said this as they all looked out to the horizon to see rolling hills and blue sky.

“Indeed, paradise, as promised by Al-Aziz. Let’s go claim what is ours.”

They all walked down toward the large expanse and came upon a gate. The men were laughing and rubbing their hands, eager to reap their reward. The gate opened and a white-haired man bowed before them and welcomed them in.

“Where are the virgins?”

“Masters, we have the finest virgin wool sheep here just for you,” the white-haired man replied as he swept his arm at the flock of woolly sheep grazing in the valley. “They’ve been waiting patiently for you.”

Image: Pixabay/Hans Braxmeier ©2015 Karina Pinella

Image: Pixabay/Hans Braxmeier
©2015 Karina Pinella

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