What We Do in the Shadows (a movie review)

This movie is a must-see for those who want to laugh. A unique take on vampire movies, What We Do in the Shadows is a mockumentary about the lifestyle of three vampires “flatting,” or sharing a place together. As documentaries go, this one includes different components like the reminiscing moments, a confessional, a self-revelation or occasional epiphany. Within such chapters, the stories told in the context of being a vampire are hilariously absurd. Because I don’t want to spoil it for you, I will give a small example. The main vampire telling the story talks about the differences in their behavior or “maturity level” because of their age differences, with one being over 800 years old vs. one who is under 200 years old, and then there is the “geriatric” who is over 8,000 years old and he looks like the vampire character in Nosferatu.

I enjoy watching all kinds of movies. However, it is rare for me to watch a movie more than once because of the great amount constantly being made. As a curious person, I like to see them all even though some may be mistakes. Nevertheless, I have listed below a short list of movies that I found to be worth a second look because they are so funny. I include What We Do in the Shadows among them. I included details because one of them has been remade and you have to see the original.

Bedazzled (1967), Starring Dudley Moore and Peter Cook
This is Spinal Tap (1984), Starring Christopher Guest, Michael McKean, and Rob Reiner
Office Space (1999), Starring Ron Livingston and Jennifer Anniston
A Mighty Wind (2003), Starring Christopher Guest and Catherine O’Hara

6 thoughts on “What We Do in the Shadows (a movie review)

  1. If you like What We Do In The Shadows you should check out The Hunt For The Wilderpeople Taika Waititi’s new film. It’s about a kid and his foster uncle on the run in the NZ bush and it’s crack up

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