The Pyramid (a movie review)

This is a horror movie that takes place deep underground. Although the story line is a little different, this movie falls into the same category as the following movies: As Above, So Below; The Descent; The Descent Part 2. If you’ve seen those movies, do you see the commonalities among them? The horror takes place beneath the surface with a mazelike challenge for those trapped down there to get out. And there are strange creatures in them there parts.

The Pyramid is especially similar to As Above, So Below. Both have archeologists studying some ancient site or relic. The female archeologist is also typecast as in her 20s, trim, shapely, great hair day every day in the desert, and eye shadow and eyeliner intact in spite of sweaty situations.

The Pyramid is about a father and daughter archeological team discovering an unusual pyramid that is thought to have some alien (otherworldly) connections. Their activities are being documented by a reporter and cameraman team (this too is similar to As Above, So Below). As they are about to further explore a breakthrough, everyone in the site is ordered to leave the area because of unrest in the city. Naturally, the curiosity of the archeologists and their documentarians (the reporter and her cameraman) gets the best of them. They decide to take a quick look down there as everyone else packs up.

The terror begins when the small group finds themselves lost underground because someone touches something that opens a passage; so why not go in? That naturally sets off events that lead them to lose their way. Some visuals of horror and a few small ugly creatures with one big ugly man-beast.

When you watch a horror film, you can’t really expect happy endings. So let’s leave it at that. Overall, this is a take it or leave it low-budget movie. Between the two, As Above, So Below is better than The Pyramid.

Tell me what you think . . .

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