The Pyramid (a movie review)

This is a horror movie that takes place deep underground. Although the story line is a little different, this movie falls into the same category as the following movies: As Above, So Below; The Descent; The Descent Part 2. If you’ve seen those movies, do you see the commonalities among them? The horror takes place beneath the surface with a mazelike challenge for those trapped down there to get out. And there are strange creatures in them there parts. Continue reading

Ghoul Movies Ranked

When the main scare is a ghoul that teases its way in and out of the scenes, I would classify such a horror film as a ghoul movie. Expressionist artist Edvard Munch’s The Scream embodies the basis of a ghoul for me—a creature with a long, pale face racked in pain. With that foundation, add to it long hair straggled over the face, or eyes sewn, or even an eery expression. Then, have the ghoul pop out at the least expected moment and you’ve got its grisly image burned into your psyche. I ranked below (1 – the best, the last – the worst) such movies I’ve seen to date, and will update if I recall or view another ghoul movie, so periodically check in by clicking the “ghoul movies” tag.

1. The Ring
2. Ringu
3. Sinister
4. Insidious 2
5. Insidious
6. Insidious 3

7. Out of the Dark
8. Woman in Black
9. Woman in Black 2