Fruit Pizza on Cassava Bread

As an alternative to a wheat base, try cassava bread. I found it in the Produce section of a grocery store (Market Basket). The bread has only one ingredient—cassava pulp, or yuca. A product of Dominican Republic, the brand name is Caridom. It’s flat and triangle shaped, like a big pizza slice, so it’s perfect for this recipe, which is great for snacking. The recipe also makes for a nice breakfast, lunch, or dinner now that summer is here and if you are so inclined to have a smorgasbord of fruits in one sitting.

Fruit Pizza

Image contributed by Hymn

The cassava bread is like dry toast, so it’s a good base to spread what would be considered as the “sauce” on a pizza. You can try different “sauces.” On one of the slices, I put two different spreads, not unlike making a regular pizza with one half having a different topping from the other half. I didn’t evenly split the two different spreads on the whole surface because I didn’t have enough rhubarb sauce, which is made of fresh rhubarb (from our garden) and water and sugar. It is similar to making cranberry sauce with fresh cranberries. This is a very basic recipe you can easily google online.

On the other part of the surface, I spread plain Greek yogurt. After fully spreading the surface, I topped the yogurt side with cut up pieces of watermelon and pineapple. I topped the rhubarb sauce side with sliced raw almonds and frozen blueberries. Lastly, I sprinkled sunflower seeds and chocolate chips over the whole slice.

On one of the other slices I prepared, I used Justin’s Hazelnut Spread, or Nutella, if you wish, instead of the rhubarb sauce and used the same toppings as the one I used for the rhubarb part on the other slice. Happy chomping!

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