The Remains of Friday

Last day of the week treat,
A sundae on Friday;
Various ice cream flavors all you can eat,
Indulge all day,
As you slog away in your seat.
Great way to end the work week.


Close to Closing

Solve a problem now?
Late afternoon humdinger
Just before closing.

5 ‘til 5 P.M.,
Weekend about to begin;
Leave it for Monday.

Why am I still here?
Should have left right after lunch;
I woke up too late.

The Custodian

Image: Pixabay

Image: Pixabay

The clock strikes five. All the worker bees in Suite 320 suddenly come to life, shutting down their computers, tossing their empty coffee cups. Others lock up their drawers as if afraid somebody might steal their company-issued office supplies.

“Bye, Henry.”

“Have a nice weekend, Linda.”


Farewells among colleagues are exchanged; they give and accept their goodbyes like eager squirrels storing away their nuts for winter.

Less than five minutes later, the whole office is cleared. Sounds of rolling wheels break the silence as the little man behind a gray trash barrel comes in. As Head Custodian, he rips up all the computers, along with the desks and pitches them into the bottomless barrel. He has determined this last batch of worker bees does not work hard enough. They will not have a place to work when they return on Monday morning. He wheels away to the next floor to decide on the fate of the group in Suite 420.