Bánh Mi Wannabe

Planned to make bánh mi,
But too many substitutes
No bánh mi for me.

Just a stacked sandwich,
So ban me for no bánh mi,
Though not a bad sub.

I had no baguette,
I used pain de campagne,
A pseudo-bánh mi.

My bánh mi wannabe ingredients for this classic Vietnamese sandwich:

  1. Sautéed Swiss chard, onions, and fresh basil sprinkled with tamari sauce
  2. Thinly sliced cucumbers
  3. Fresh mint
  4. Sweet pickle relish
  5. Leftover roasted chicken
  6. Mayo mixed with sriracha sauce spread on two slices of pain de campagne (aka “French sourdough”)

Grilled Cheese with Mushrooms & Onion and Dip

Ideal bread to use is Pain de Campagne for the crunchiness after you’ve grilled it. Mouthwatering cheeses to use are blocks of Swiss and Gruyere that you will slice to your desired thickness, but I prefer thin so they melt faster.

Slice however many button mushrooms you want and one regular yellow onion, and then saute them with whipped Cabot butter, or regular unsalted butter, in medium heat. Set aside. Continue reading