Mourning Glory

Image: Pixabay

Start of a new day,
Feeling like a stray,
Still mourning after,
No sense of next chapter,
My tomorrow
Scheduled for more sorrow,
Tremendous, glorious,
Hideously piteous
Pain sustained,
Until I’m drained
Of life itself,
Only then will be true farewell.

A Bridge No More

Image by Blogetta

Image by Blogetta

A chance meeting at an acquaintance’s party led to them becoming significant to each other. The words “I love you” had been exchanged. Just as Alison thought their relationship was going to be more than a flash romance, Brian blindsided her by breaking up at a time when she needed someone most. Alison wept until she felt empty and numb.

After three months, she still felt melancholy so she called him. “I miss you. I miss our walks along the bridge.  Our weekends together.  Please come over. I need to talk to you.”

“What took so long for you to call? I missed you too,” Brian admitted. He went to see her. They talked into the night, sleeping platonically with each other. As she began to doze off, Alison couldn’t help but feel they weren’t so compatible after all.

The next day Alison felt resolved and accepted the breakup. They parted ways amicably. Weeks later, Brian started texting Alison, making overtures to meet with her again.  At first, Alison felt upset for she thought she had put things to rest, but he managed to engage her. They communicated almost daily via their smartphones. A reconciliation appeared to be in the making.

One night, a slightly intoxicated Alison called Brian to pick her up from a party. Upon reaching her apartment, her tongue gave way to a stream of words that produced tears from both of them. Phrases such as “This will never work” were tossed several times at a decibel level meant to cause pain. Suddenly, Alison collapsed in bed, partially from exhaustion and partially from alcohol she had consumed earlier at the party.

Once more they bade each other farewell. This time it looked to be final.

After You by Jojo Moyes (a book blurt)

This is the sequel to Me Before You, which is about an ordinary young woman who goes through an extraordinary transformation after caring for a paraplegic young man with whom she falls in love. At first, After You feels almost anticlimactic because the first book was so intensely emotional; here we’re left to pick up the pieces. But then the plot begins to unfold into another love story. With humor interspersed with some serious themes like loss, separation, and abuse, the book makes for an interesting read. The movie, Me Before You, is now out, featuring Emilia Clarke, who plays the ordinary girl, Louisa Clark.  (I haven’t seen the movie, although I’ve heard it leaves out a serious theme that a movie understandably cannot cover well in a short time.)

[To read a review of Me Before You, check out Bookidote’s review.]


Image: Pixabay

Image: Pixabay

Love at first flirt.
One night became two, three, four . . .
Until I ran out of digits,
So I quit the count.

My heart thought till death do us part.
I waited for a diamond ring.
Instead, you texted,“So long.”

You dwell in my mind,
No matter how much I try to evict you.
I thought straight vodka would flush you out.

You branded my soul,
Singed me with your touch.
I’m forever raw.



Say it isn’t so
I can’t accept your leaving
My world just went dark

Time crawls without you
The air is a stifling cloak
Each breath is a sob

How dare you just go
Leaving joy we could have had
Things we could have shared

Sadness hangs on me
Twenty-four hours each day
No sign of retreat

At last I wake up
Signs of life and hope appear
One step at a time.