The Professor (a movie blurt)

A surprisingly good film starring Johnny Depp as a college English professor, who finds out that he has cancer discovered too late. After treatment would buy him only one year to live. If left untreated, he would have six months at most. So, he feels F—-D. As he tries to process it, he goes back to feeling the same thing:  F—-D. Soon after he’s learned his fate, he decides to share the news with his small family at dinner time. But, before he gets a chance to do so, his daughter says she has something to say. After her somewhat surprising news, his wife tells him something life changing as well. With news that seem to match the gravity of his situation, he decides to live out what’s left of his days a little differently. Make that  a lot differently. The movie then builds on a series of life changing events in the classroom, campus, and home.  There are  both funny and sad moments that showcase Depp’s noteworthy acting abilities. It’s worth a view.

Mortdecai (a movie review)

I didn’t finish this movie because it was mortifyingly dull. I thought Johnny Depp was miscast as Mortdecai, a nearly broke British aristocrat with a budding mustache that repulses his wife, Gwyneth Paltrow. The opening scene is Johnny, as Mortdecai, talking to a group of Chinese hoodlums. When Johnny was talking, my immediate thought was the movie was trying to be like the Pink Panther remakes in which Lieutenant Clouseau is played by Steve Martin, who mangles the French language. Johnny Depp’s British accent sounded forced; he didn’t pull it off like Steve Martin did with his funny French accent in the Pink Panther movies. (I wish Steve Martin would star in a new movie. I’ve seen all his movies, but that’s another list.)
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