Straighten Out

Societal concerns

Image: Pixabay

[Inspired by current events and Straight Outta Compton*]

Back in the ‘80s came a rhapsody at rap city
Straight out of Compton.
Some black dudes introduced a new musicality;
They were inspired from their frustration,
Fighting strong with words
Wrapped in rhythmic chords.

Today their message from then still holds true
Though it’s not just them vs. the men in blue.
There’s more to it than injustices done by one homogenized group;
It’s really all about every one of us that makes this a vicious loop–
To a degree we all contribute our own social and mental ills;
We’re all paying the same big bills.

The list is long,
But it’s time we see all what’s wrong.
Face up to the fact that history can’t be undone,
But we dwell on it and create a rerun
As long as we stay with the same script.
The only difference is another rendition of rehashed bulls_ _ _.

Haves and have-nots are alike,
So one has a bigger bike.
Create your own success story
Instead of living in envy.
The root of all evil is not money,
It’s the lack of self-accountability.

Funny how it really is simple,
Just be responsible.
It is an individual call
But it starts within us all
To make a dent.
To our system that needs a bad re-invent.

*Straight Outta Compton is a movie about how rap music revolutionized the Hip-Hop culture.

Globally Wobbly

Images by Gray, pipp, beeline, and Glamco Aio; Shutterstock

Images by Gray, pipp, beeline, and Glauco Aio; Shutterstock

Too many snapshots of what’s not hot—

ISIS’s nonstop hiss,                                                                                            “ . . . decapitate . . .”
Greece’s austerity diss,                                                                                      “ . . . insulate . . .”
China’s manufacturing slump,                                                                        “ . . . tumult . . .”
U.S. prez hopefuls vs. vitriolic Donald Trump,                                            “. . .insult . . .”
Random shootings everywhere are on the rise,                                           “. . .turmoil . . .”
Race relations all over continue to destabilize,                                            “. . .embroil . . .”
West African methamphetamines trade on an upward trend,                  “ . . .kilo . . . “
Mexico’s increasing drug cartels discourage the nation’s mend . . .        “. . . El Chapo . . .”

A reflection of our collective selves, a picture of an extreme deep end.

El Chapo vs. The Donald

Numero Uno–un hombre mas buscado—El Chapo. A man most wanted on the lam. So much for his so-called high security slammer. Similar to a now dead, notorious Al Qaeda leader, he’s safely away in a secret bunker or tower. Down through his private tunnel, his own Great Escape now fulfilled. Just in time to threaten the Donald because of his crime—declaring Mexican immigrants as mostly criminals. Even Pitbull joined in the show–Look out, Trump, El Chapo will have your rump! Two men of great wealth circling on a stage bigger than Pacquiao vs. Mayweather. The Fugitive vs. the Magnate. Who do you think would win?

©2015 Karina Pinella


6,621 – death toll to date
7.8 – magnitude of earthquake from a scale of 2.5 or less to 8.0 or greater
3,000,000 – number of people in need of aid

The figures are overwhelming to the point of losing their meaning,
The distance of 7,921+/- miles from here to Nepal makes it even more unreal,
Thoughts of empathy, feelings of pity still seem empty.
True, disasters always happen, and for a day or so, we feel blue.
Then we are back to experiencing our own pain in the mundane.
But we can help by however we can give—with our time or a dime.
For me a donation to Catholic Charities feels right.