Fifth of May 2020

It’s Cinco de Mayo,
Remember the margarita,
Or, is it the Alamo*?
Let’s do the cha cha cha,
Then serve the mojito
And tortilla chips and salsa;
Soon, we can go
And break open the piñata,
Via Zoom, Skype, or Zoho.

Images from Pixabay

*Cinco de Mayo is the Anniversary of the Battle of Puebla; to read more about it:

Cinco de Mayo

Mexican culture

Image: Pixabay

In appreciation of Mexican culture, I want to highlight the work of singer/songwriter, Chavela Vargas, who passed away in 2012 but whose voice still lives on via various venues, including YouTube. She had an amazing voice. To learn more about her, go to One of my favorites from her is Gabino Barrera, which I first heard in the movie sound track for Werner Herzog’s My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done?.  To listen to the song, click