Jordan Journey: Wadi Rum

1 of 4 posts on my 7-day stay in Jordan

 Right after Egypt, we flew to Jordan, where we took in another week’s worth of breathtaking sights. Our stay in the beautiful city of Amman was brief, as we soon set out on a ~5-hour drive to Wadi Rum, the desert setting of Lawrence of Arabia’s autobiographical book and consequently, the film that was based on his life. Since then, other movies have been filmed in Wadi Rum (e.g., a couple of Star Wars movies, Dune, Prometheus).

As soon as we reached the park, we transferred to several 4-wheel drive vehicles that we rode through the desert to get to our camp. We spent two days in Wadi Rum and slept in Bedouin tents. Among other activities, we went on a nine-mile trek on the second day.


18 thoughts on “Jordan Journey: Wadi Rum

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  5. Utterly gorgeous!
    You’ve certainly captured a wonderful essence of Wadi Rum.
    Speaking of movies, Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade was also filmed there. But Lawrence of Arabia stand out as my most favorite one 🙂

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