Image: Pixabay

Image: Pixabay

“I’m not here to bust your balls. I’m here so we don’t get our balls busted,” the new CEO assured his employees.

Six months later, he saved the shareholders $6 million by letting go 3,000 workers.

Outside the building, sitting on a park bench were two former employees, Sam and Hank. Sam snorted, “Our CEO sure had us by the balls.”

Hank responded, “Yep, he had the balls to make us believe that if we juggled our schedule to fit his deadlines, we’d be having a ball in no time.”

“Turns out he thinks we dropped the ball.” Sam rubbed his eyes so his friend wouldn’t see them misting.

“Got that right. It’s one new ball game these days.”

Sighing, they both stood up and left, scratching their balls.

23 thoughts on “Ballsy

  1. You have an interesting style. Another foodie blogger reccomended me to your blog. If you have the change to review my work, than that would be incredible. My heavy hitters are Lardy Arms…Queen Kong and I…Rutjob…Miss Scarlet and Blue Jasmine. Your opinion matters to me, and I hope to see you there soon

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