50 Word Story Collaboration: Jerome

This story I wrote below is posted in SlasherMonster Magazine; I expanded Poet Rummager‘s 50-word story, Jerome (the first 50 words).



She had a long day at work and couldn’t wait to go home and just look into Jerome’s eyes. She smiled, entering the apartment.

“Honey, I’m home!”

She walked over to a cupboard and took out a jar. She stared into it, and Jerome’s eyeballs, suspended in formaldehyde, stared back.

Three Days Earlier


Stella mesmerizes Jerome with her open-topped sandwich. He loves to eat, and Stella makes sure she gives him a sandwich every day to keep his interest.

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” Stella recalls her mother saying to her. Since she locked eyes with Jerome’s periwinkle blue twinklers over two months ago at an all-employee staff meeting, she’s committed herself to winning him over everyday in the lunch room.

As Jerome wolfs down the sandwich, his eyes equally devour the curvaceous intern now passing by. Stella tracks Jerome’s gaze and turns…

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