Janis: Little Girl Blue (a documentary blurt)

A must-see for Janis Joplin fans, as well as those who are not familiar with this 1960 star’s signature work in the blues and rock and roll. Joplin’s unique voice, which embodies pain and unrequited love, is a reflection of a childhood filled with disappointment and trauma, primarily due to her looks. We are reminded that even when someone comes from a good family, it can be the outside forces that do so much damage. Though charismatic and powerful onstage, Janis Joplin always seems to end up alone. Part of this is due to her drug addiction, but here we learn she was able to clean herself a few times. After singing “Me and Bobby McGee,” Joplin was just beginning an exciting turning point in her life when she died in her sleep at 27. Sadly, her last hit turned out to be a drug overdose.

22 thoughts on “Janis: Little Girl Blue (a documentary blurt)

  1. BTW, such people who die without achieving nirvana are sent back into this world to try again. They’re not sent to hell.

    God is not going to lose a single sheep. He calls Jesus “a good shephard” for this reason.

    He has given us to Jesus and Jesus got a strange technology which he uses to turn bad things into good and to send the dead back into this world to enjoy another childhood, another adolesenc, another youth, even another death!

    Weird Son.

    Likes to play with us as a child likes to play with his toys!


  2. I don’t want to sound harsh but we need to understand that bad things happen and they are to be treasured, not hated.

    When people are hurt, they find wine and drugs addictive but they don’t solve any problems, do they?

    If you’re hurt like Janis, then thank God because only God can help us break our hearts of stone. And my seemingly ironic advice will end up benefitting you.

    That’s what I’ve learned from Job de Bible and I personally have tried this and have seen its magic.

    I’ve lived a very lonely life but have surprisingly survived to write this.

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  3. Janis Jopin went to my alma mater, at UT Austin where my daughter wants to go next year. Daughter has many of her songs downloaded and she’s 17 and mostly listens to hip-hop, but just loves Janis Joplin. There CAN be crossover in that young age group!!!! (She also loves Journey, LOL)

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  4. It doesn’t seem possible it’s been this long but I’ve been a fan of Ms. Joplin for 50 years! I watched a documentary about her recently and discovered that she was only 6 months younger than me. I loved/love her unique style ❤ 🙂

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