The Fiend


Image: Pixabay

In a neighborhood not far from the city lives an elusive creature that few suspect is not human. Origin unknown and equally mysterious in how it sustains itself, the creature is looking outside, hiding behind the folds of the stained drapes that pepper the air with dust when moved even in the slightest way. The creature sees skipping down the sidewalk a little boy, who pauses in front of its house and picks up a pebble. The creature stays still. It rasps what sounds like “fiend” when the boy throws the small rock toward the creature’s shelter.

14 thoughts on “The Fiend

  1. I really like this. Well done! It opens the question regarding humanness. Why does the young boy, the fiend, throw the rock? What is it in us humans that makes us want to “throw” things against those structures–houses, people, other countries– that don’t measure up to expectations or match our notions of rightness? Is it nature, nurture, both? In this short work you have raised a number of fascinating questions. Thank you.

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