Remember (a movie blurt)

A powerful movie with a timeless message, featuring Christopher Plummer, who plays a ~90-year old Auschwitz survivor with dementia. Co-starring is Martin Landau as another Auschwitz survivor, who orchestrates the vengeance on behalf of their murdered families during Hitler’s rule. More than a revenge film, the movie is suspenseful with a shocking twist. Other stars include Jurgen Prochnow and Dean Norris.

7 thoughts on “Remember (a movie blurt)

  1. Dean Norris! It’s always fun to see TV show actors (Breaking Bad in this case) find their way into the movie business. Without necessary speaking of him, I do find it sometimes unsettling that this phenomenon is happening a lot more often nowadays. It makes me wonder if the actors are recruited into a movie for their acting skills or their reputation (which can be two completely different things you know!) 😀 However, Remember sounds like an awesome movie, definitely will be on the lookout for that.

    – Lashaan

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