Marvelous Universe

Image: Pixabay & Moi

Image: Pixabay & Moi

The Marvel Universe—
A world full of superheroes and their nemeses.
Earth is not always their place of birth;
Some hail from distant planets.

The origin of their powers vary, from accidental to intentional.
Most times triggered by a life of drama (or one big trauma).
A turning point that makes them live on edge—
An existence full of violence.

Some team up in groups of four, five, six, or more,
Such as Fantastic Four, X-Men, and Avengers.
They save the world that’s always imperiled—
In the Marvel Universe.

Thanks, Stan Lee,
For a roster full of beings extraordinaire,
Giving our lives vicarious adventures—
A mix of humor, furor, and lots of color.

16 thoughts on “Marvelous Universe

    • Thanks for reading it. As for favorite characters, I like many of them because they’re all so intriguing, but for comics stories just because this character seemed to have had more exposure (simply my limited perception), I would say Spider-Man. However, based on fairly recent movies of some of these Marvel characters, I would say my favorite story and so character would be Captain America, although I’ve always liked his character too before then. He’s just now more appealing because if Chris Evans’ portrayal of him. Ahem.

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  1. Great post. It’s funny how many people dismiss comics/graphic novels as ‘geeky’ or what have you, and they certainly can be. But early Marvel comics inspired many people to write, illustrate, create in whatever form they chose. And my father used them to teach illiterate adults to read. Can’t put a price on that.

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    • Thank you for appreciating the comic/graphic novels too. If I could only have the patience to learn to draw well, I would be writing graphic novels. I also love comics. I used to read them every day back when dinosaurs just recently expired. I uh exaggerate of course, but I love animation too.

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          • He was a lay teacher at a Catholic school, before I was born. Some of the older students were given good marks because of their athletic ability, despite the fact that they could read very little or not at all. He started with Spiderman, Batman, Superman, things like that (this was in the 60’s) and then progressed to ‘Classics Illustrated’ versions of books like Dracula and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, anything that could spark interest. From there, he went on to teach (on his own time) these kids how to read classics in their original form. He switched careers after having a family (teaching doesn’t pay well) but continued to teach people in prison how to read using the same methods. Shortly before he died, I asked him (because of his upbringing) if he was afraid of going to hell. He said, “No. I’ll never go to hell. I taught people to read.” That made me proud and humble at the same time. I guess comics aren’t just for kids after all, huh? Sorry for the rant. And thank you for bringing back a great memory. 🙂

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          • Thanks for sharing a wonderful piece of history. Your father sounded like a wise and effective teacher. I would definitely have been motivated to read with interesting graphics before me. I’d be curious as heck what Dracula said as he plotted how to get his special needs taken care of, or how Dr. Jekyll felt after finding out about his alter ego. Now you’ve got me thinking about the great classics when I first started reading them until I got my fill and now I’m just a quick thriller seeker who’s gotten snared in a number of different book series that I end up foregoing interesting nonfiction books like one about Genghis Khan and how he strategized. Now I’m going off on my own rant. Oops.

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