Friday Fright at Frank’s

The fridge is empty; the oven is cold. Looks like no one is making dinner tonight. Brad decides to go to his friend’s house next door. Brad’s been known to drop by Frank’s house at odd hours. He rings the doorbell, but no one answers. He knocks on the door, which swings open.

“Hello?” Brad calls out, as he closes the door shut behind him. The foyer leading to the living room is dim, but a light is shining off from the right side, where the kitchen is located. He walks toward the light, hearing what sounds like someone hacking through tough meat. He enters the kitchen and sees the back of a giant of a man in the middle of butchering a body.

“Hey, Frank, do you need help?”

The giant man turns around and sighs, “Hell yes, if you want to eat, you gotta help. You know the rules. Get yourself a cleaver over there and chop up this arm.”

“Gladly. I’m starving like a maniac. Let’s do this.” Brad joins his friend to cut up the rest of the evening kill.

Image: Pixabay ©2016 Karina Pinella

Image: Pixabay

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