A New Day


The global apocalypse started at noon E.S.T., but no one knows for sure who initiated it. It doesn’t matter, the damage is done. Those unlucky enough to live another day have energy sufficient only to look for shelter, food, and loved ones. Many wail for their losses. Some mute from shock. Others eventually drift off to unconsciousness for lack of will to go on without their familiar conveniences.

The total death toll increases every second as the tally continues to rise each day. Chaos rules the majority. Order is obliterated from daily practice as the world is now as foreign and uninhabitable as the whole planet of Saturn. Many years will have to pass until the waters run clear from blood, gore, and residue from the bombings.

Nothing is pure or unscathed. No one from heaven or hell has come to rescue either the good or the evil. All surviving people are now finally equal but in a most unpleasant way. Their only legacy is another fresh day of suffering.

©2016 Karina Pinella

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