2 Days before Christmas

(A Christmas Tale Countdown series, Part 12; see Part 11)


Silas heard about the commotion that took place yesterday at Elizabeth’s house. He had to find something to top that since today was the last day of his gift giving. Something more spectacular than men leaping like frogs. As a man of the arts and music, Silas decided to appeal to his musician friends to win Elizabeth’s heart once and for all. Silas hoped the musical group would make for a strong show.


“Oh, my lord,” Aunt Beatrice exclaimed as she opened the door to see Horace once again accompanied by a big group. This time they looked to be men of all ages holding a variety of pipe-like instruments.

Horace said, “Good afternoon, may I present another message communicated in another way this time? On behalf of our anonymous friend, these eleven men have come to serenade Elizabeth. I shall beg leave now and will see you again tomorrow for the final present.”

“Well, I’m relieved that Christmas is come upon soon. As much as the gifts have been a godsend in some ways, I am growing rather weary of what seems to be a circus. Oh . . . here’s Elizabeth.” Elizabeth’s aunt stepped aside for Elizabeth to speak with Horace.

“Hullo, Elizabeth, as I explained to your aunt . . . your admirer wants to serenade you. I must go now, but I shall be back tomorrow.” He quickly bade her farewell.

As the day before, so it was again today, Elizabeth and her curious family stood around the doorstep. They listened to a composition reminiscent of nightingales whistling, trilling, and gurgling in harmony.

To be continued . . .
©2015 Karina Pinella


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