American Heist (a movie review)

The acting is good by Adrien Brody, who plays big brother Frankie to Hayden Christensen’s James/Jimmy, but the lines and story could be better. The movie is about two brothers with conflicting goals. Frankie, who just gets released from prison after 10 years of serving, has to pay a favor that requires stealing from a bank. As much as Frankie keeps declaring his love for his brother, he gets James involved in the heist.

James has also experienced time in jail. Although he served much less time than his brother (about 18 months) and it’s been a few years ago since his incarceration, his record still limits his opportunities. While he struggles to overcome his past, Frank puts him back into jeopardy by making it difficult for James not to participate as the driver. The favor Frank has to repay is protection from getting repeatedly raped in jail. Now that he’s out, he is also being screwed by the two men he owes the favor to. That’s because they helped set up Frank’s brother to participate, even though James was adamant about leading a straight life.

Is there hope for either brother? What do you think?

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