Just Before I Go (a movie review)

I didn’t pay attention to the credits until after the movie is over; only then did I see that Courtney Cox of Friends’ fame is the director. Her former husband, David Arquette, plays a small role here as a father of five children and a husband to a woman, who temporarily loses herself with the movie’s main character, Ted Morgan, played by Seann William Scott.

Ted Morgan goes back to his hometown after many years of living in another city. He comes home to address the trauma he experienced soon after his father died when he was just seven years old. His plan is to confront the people who he felt changed the course of his life for the worse, and then kill himself.

His decision to commit suicide stems from a failed three-year relationship with a woman who told him before she took off with another man that he’s better off dead. The reason: because he has no passion. After weeks of feeling sorry for himself, he decides that before killing himself, he will first look up some people from his past and let them know how they hurt him and then vent his anger at them. With unexpected results, he eventually gets drawn into the drama of their lives in addition to that of his older brother, and his brother’s family, with whom he is staying.

It’s a movie about life and its many ironies that make it funny and sad. It plays like a soap opera because of the various social and family issues written into the characters’ lives. As a dramedy, the movie is fairly interesting and funny in some places, not so much in others.

4 thoughts on “Just Before I Go (a movie review)

  1. David Arquette…I think he was in Ready To Rumble…I think that’s what it was called. Kind of stupid, but somewhat comedic — it’s a movie about wrestling — which I’m sure you would love! Haha

    The movie you reviewed seems like a departure from David’s usual routine.

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