Monster Masquerade: A Head

[A prequel to A Head on a Stick]

Jared is always scheming. But, tables are turned. He’s the receiver of a grift gone wrong. This trek to an obscure country for legendary ruins turns out to be a fool’s errand. Dizzy from trudging, he comes across a rectangular stone block with a hole in the middle. Fatigue overwhelms him as he lays flat on the length of it. His eyelids flutter shut at the same time his body is pulled into the hole. The quick forcible tug, which came from below the opening wide enough only for his lean body, popped his head off. Pop goes the weasel. Once always ahead, now he’s just a head.

block head
[Monster Masquerade entry hosted by Fly TrapMan and Poet Rummager]

©2015 Karina Pinella

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