Monster Masquerade: Cry of the Imp

Image from Pixabay/Gianni Crestani

Image from Pixabay/Gianni Crestani


Mouth wide open,
Teeth razor-sharp,
Tongue forked like a snake
No one claims this child.


Insistent cries from hell to heaven,
Drowned by the sound of the harp.
The child’s fingers shaped like a rake,
His face pitted and wild.


No welcome for the heathen,
Ignored as if hidden under a tarp.
He crawls back to Devil’s Lake,
Where he was originally defiled.

[Entry to Monster Masquerade, hosted by Fly TrapMan and Poet Rummager]

©2015 Karina Pinella

6 thoughts on “Monster Masquerade: Cry of the Imp

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