Mad Max. Fury Road (a movie review)

This movie is one adrenaline rush after another. Because it is a post-apocalyptic movie about surviving, it is violent and has some gruesome scenes. Tom Hardy plays the title role of Mad Max, who gets captured by a gang ruled by a warlord, Immortan Joe. Since Joe has control over many resources—water, food, and gas—he controls the majority of the survivors. One of the group members, Furiosa (who is played by Charlize Theron) decides to run away with some of Joe’s treasured assets. Furiosa had planned her escape well because she flees in a war rig vehicle. Max gets involved after he is dragged into going after Furiosa. Soon they end up partnering with each other to fight off their mutual enemy.

Although much of the movie is an extended chase scene, it is what happens during the chase that gets your blood pounding. I watched this movie on a plane so I wore a headset. Every time I gasped, people thought something was wrong with me. The action was so intense and engrossing, I kept forgetting there were others not necessarily watching the same thing. I’ve seen all the other Mad Max movies with Mel Gibson, and this Mad Max remake is just as good as the original and its sequels.

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